Offsets: Carbon & Methane

Carbon Offsets

When you buy Carbon Offsets from RESQ, we use the funds to buy tree seedlings. We trade these seedlings to farmers for excess wood that they normally burn in their fields. The farmer no longer pays for gas to burn tree detritus, and doesn't worry about seasonal burning bans, nor accidentally burning down fields. Farmers can opt-in to receive the RESQ tree seedlings for replanting native tree species. RESQ redistributes the wood to underprivileged families that must burn wood for heat. The Carbon Offset purchaser helps reduce carbon pollution through charity work and gets a blockchain receipt describing their offset amount and type.

In this process, the carbon offsets are gained from putting out the farmers' fires and through strategically redirecting the wood to the people most most likely to burn anything for heat. The local poor receive help with their winter heating costs, which are proportionally reduced by the amount of wood we redirect from the farmers' fields. Finally, RESQ uses approximately 1/3 of the wood for making keyhole gardens and in our organic compost. Our long-term goal is to increase the amount of wood going into market compost from 1/3 to 2/3, while further reducing local reliance on wood burning. We haven't worked out the kinks in that last step, but we've got our R&D team working hard at it ;)

RESQ's Carbon Offset Blockchain is Underdevelopment

In the meantime, you can participate in the Offset program with one of our Carbon Offset packages. We'll plant the seedlings now and add them to CO2OFF when the blockchain is ready.

Methane Offsets

RESQ is currently working with local pig farmers to create a sustainable Methane Offset program. This section will be updated when the program is developed. Thank you for your interest.

Cosmic Seeds

Seeds at Cosmic Seeds are hand-harvested by the RESQ volunteers on the Processing crew. Every week, seeds are removed from the fruits and vegetables, then the seeds are cleaned, dried, and stored in a temperature and light controlled cabinet. 100% of the money earned from seed sales goes to the medical support (i.e., spay/neuter, flea/tick treatments) of the RESQ's wards. We work with a local veterinarian to receive discounted services.

Cosmic Seeds partners with ZEEMZ

Augmented Reality Game's 1st Ever In-game Blockchain Offsets

We're working hard to create a RESQ Portal for Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret (TM). Gamers, who choose to use the RESQ Portal, will buy in-game seeds through Cosmic Seeds. The prices will be slightly higher than in the regular game shops, reflecting the price of purchasing and planting of real seeds. For example, if a player bought 100 pepper seeds from the RESQ Portal, then the player's inventory increases by 100 pepper seeds AND the RESQ receives the request (with funding) to plant 100 pepper seeds. At the end of the planting cycle, RESQ harvests the pepper plants, processes the pepper plants (dries, recovers seeds) and then either sells the peppers at the local markets OR uses them in the feed for undernourished animals.

Cosmic Seeds BUTTON HERE <-- Coming Soon!!

CryptoKitty Breeding

CryptoKitties is an Ethereum-powered blockchain game that features breedable digital cats. Each CryptoKitty is a unique work of art. When you breed your cryptokitty with a RESQ cryptokitty, you get to keep the offspring and we get to rescue a REAL animal. It doesn't get any better than that. ;) Oh, except for the part where you can also breed, sell, or trade your CryptoKitty on various Ethereum markets. So, there's a chance you could make Ethereum saving animals with RESQ.

We're working hard to create a RESQ portal for Zeemz: The Versipisces Secret (TM). Players, with at least one CryptoKitty, can unlock the Kitty Vortex from within the RESQ portal. Once the Kitty Vortex has been unlocked, your CryptoKitty will have special access to, as yet undiscovered, places within the Pu'Shing Bhu'Tons 'Verse.

Zazzle Gear

We use Zazzle to offer gear highlighting the faces of our rescues. The funds earned from selling a t-shirt, cell phone cover, or other product on Zazzle, 100% of the funds received from the RESQ Zazzle Gear goes directly to the animal's care. Collect posters of your favorite RESQs.