The RESQ-DAO source code, white paper, and roadmap are all under dev (

RESQ #1: Founder's Pack

RESQ #1 consists of one part-time and two full-time volunteers. The Founders' rescue dogs are trained as medical service alert dogs. One of their rescues is an epileptic; as such, her service training is limited to onsite only. Epilepsy does not stop her from performing her duties, though it does cause the Founders' sudden jolts of adrenaline and sleepless nights. RESQ #1 loves our onsite rescue cats and participates in a neighborhood-led effort to catch, spay/neuter, and release strays.

RESQ #2: MacDonald's Farm

RESQ #2 consists of a retired couple with a dream of turning an old Spanish farm into a dog, duck, and donkey rescue. Old MacDonald has already built a secure area for the ducks, including a duck pond. They're working on the fencing, stabling, and other necessities to make a great donkey rescue. One of their sons has also developed a farm garden and composting area to supplement the foods redistributed from the local market.


ZEEMZ: Pandemic Patch

RESQ #3 consists of an international group of volunteers intent on applying their technical skills to solving the CoVID-19 Crisis. ZEEMZ is working with to create Pandemic Patch as an open source game which doubles as a diagnostic tool to help front line doctors. ZEEMZ: Pandemic Patch is an augmented reality, blockchain game designed to stop hospital congestion.


RESQ #4: Shoe's Bees & Horses

Ye Ole Shoe's Bees & Horses

RESQ #4 consists of two RESQers in Louisiana.
- Newly certified beekeeper, Jeff and his family. Jeff wants to help the bees and figures the best way to do that is to do it.

- Long-time horse rescuer, Tammy and her family. Tammy is a horse person. She uses her ranch to save horses slated for slaughter. She does her best to bring them back to health and to find them new owners.

RESQ #5: All For Climate

All for Climate is a social justice & climate action fiscal host, rescuing Climate Action Collectives from the hassles of 20th century banking, paperwork, and administrative hurdles. They're currently helping 70+ collectives across the globe.


When your RESQ is ready, so's this spot. Contact us for more information.

Self-Organization Principle of RESQ-DAO

Self-Organization Principle

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations don't require permission from an DAO-Overlord. If you bring a RESQ online, send us your information to add to the list of RESQs. There are a few guidelines that we ask RESQers to follow. These are meant to consolidate the RESQ brand and to ensure that you and your charges receive proper care and not to pigeon-hole anyone into actions they deem unreasonable for their RESQ. We don't know your community, you do. All we did was come up with the process. You have to make it work for your areas!


  1. Redirect food waste to undernourished animals - RESQ recipes are developed with veterinary help to be balanced both in calories and nutrition, but they are also developed with proper vitamins and minerals in mind as well, please use them. RESQ recipes are made to be adjusted though, so that you can still feed animals no matter what ingredients you have available. If your regular market ingredients are different than those of the recipes please contact us and we will happily work with you to come up with recipes that are better suited for your area.

  2. Create weatherproof animal shelters, bee rest stops, watering areas, etc. from recycled, upcycled, reimagined, and otherwise reused inert waste materials. Some of these plans are listed on our site (with much more to come!) for anyone to use. If you have questions about assembly just let us know. We encourage our RESQs to try new and innovative green technology. If you encounter something different, or create something yourself, send it to us in a short video or diagram! We will share it with the world.

  3. Offset care expenses through upcycling from salvages, removals, and other finds. RESQ strives to leave as small a footprint as possible by reusing as much as possible. For example, when an armchair is really no longer any good for humans to sit on, there is no reason why you can't put it in one of the dog rooms. After the dogs are done playing with it (because you know they will), separate the fabric from the wood frame. The fabric pieces can then go in a mesh bag to be washed and used as stuffing for another animal bed. The wood frame, depending on its condition, can be re-purposed to use the wood in constructions, even to an extent the nails can be recovered from the old wood. Any wood that is not secure for construction purposes can be burnt for heat, with the ash from the fireplace also being re-purposed (compost, lye, odor eliminator)

  4. Encourage lower expenses via self-sufficiency with diversification of technologies: biogas & compost, wind & solar, gravity & waves, water & geothermal. We encourage our RESQs to use as many of these technologies as possible, enabling the chapter to remain off-grid and self-sufficient. These technologies are ideal for pieces of land that are not connected to the city grid, or that are too far away from anything to be connected. We are working to provide plans in the Tools section for such technologies, as well as to make some of these on a small scale so that they are portable, i.e. small solar heater to bring for heat in the field during cold winter days. If you are a RESQ trying to install any of these technologies and require aid let us know and we will apply to get you what you need.

  5. Encourage reinvigorating the environment through strategic planting of native species, specifically food plants and tree environments to encourage natural water and food cycles. At RESQ we don't only try to save the animals, but the earth too! This is where our food and water come from and if we want to live a healthy and toxin free lifestyle then we need to start at the bottom, with the ground and water and the plants that clean them.

  6. Share RESQ methods to spread the word, save more lives, improve quality of life, reduce world waste, encourage self-sufficiency, and reinvigorate the world using natural energy sources!

RESQ Rebels work with eXtinction Rebellion (XR Principles) to make lasting, regenerative changes to repair our damaged ecosystems.



The RESQ token is being manually issued at the rate of 1 RESQ : $/€ 1 to supporters of RESQ. As this method of disbursement is time consuming and centralized, it is not DAO. In the near future, we will have an automated DAO smart contract available on one of the Ethereum testnets. We will extensively test it before deploying to Ethereum mainnet. The DAO contract will provide RESQers with a way to use RESQ tokens on the RESQ-DAO website to vote for specific RESQ projects. That, however, requires more development and funding. Here's the RESQ-DAO OpenCollective link to our transparent funding options.

Did I mention that RESQ #1 and the RESQ-DAO website were built over three years with a 7 year old Frankenstein computer running Windows 8.1 and a donated, refurb Samsung S3 with Android updates killing off functionality? Imagine what we could do with two computers from 2020. Nice, right? We could save so many more animals. Here's the RESQ-DAO OpenCollective link to our transparent funding options.