“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”Fred Rogers, Television Personality


By becoming a paid subscriber you get to pick an animal from our image galleries to sponsor with your donation every month. We guarantee that 80 percent of your donation will go directly to the animal you have chosen via purchase of food, shelter and/or medical supplies, the rest going to RESQ for gasoline, car maintenance, volunteer work, tools, and materials. We guarantee your money will go to the animals, so much so that we even post our receipts online for all to view our expenses. See what it takes to run a RESQ (link to open collective posts with receipts)

Monthly Pet Reports

Every month you will receive an email with photos, progress reports, medical updates, and activities. Becoming a paid subscriber entitles you to all the joy of owning an animal without the hassles of building codes and allergies. Buying a subscription for your friends and family make great gifts, especially for children who have never owned pets before. We´ll send them the Monthly Report as well as you and they get the pleasure of helping a friend.

Market Discounts for Merch

Receive discounts at the Marketplace on your favorite or custom items. You will receive marketplace alerts before anyone else when sales and holiday specials come up.

Get the Newest Tools First

We will send you the newest guidebooks and videos first, before they are ever put up on the website. Get the newest tips and pointers for training, the hottest recipes out of the RESQ kitchen, and the most recently improved re-purposed materials designs.