Dog Gallery

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to.”Terry Swearingen, Nurse & Winner of Goldman Environmental Prize in 1997

RESQ not only has our own set of animals that we care for personally, we also provide aid to several volunteer groups in the area that take care of animals at their personal facilities.

New Arrivals

MJ Pack

Chief, Podenco-Anatolian Shepard mix

Service Dog

Mary Jane, Podenco-Anatolian Shepard mix

Service Dog (In-Home Only as she's Epileptic)

1st Aid for Epilepsy (in Dogs)

1st Aid for Epilepsy (in People)

Lydia Joy, Catahoula Cur mix

Service Dog (Retired)

Sampson, Catahoula Cur mix

Service Dog (Retired)

RG Pack

Angel, Chihuahua

Unchained yard dog

Harvey, Podenco

Chained yard dog

Spotty, Dalmation

Unchained yard dog

Sky, Shepard mix

House and street dog

SB Pack (Images Coming Soon)

DW Pack

Linda, Spanish dog

Chained sheep field

Sarah, Terrier

Unchained sheep field

Molly, Long Haired


Ruby, Spanish Mastin

Tick infestation

SR Pack (Images Coming Soon)

Our Strays in the Mountains

Our Strays along the Coast (Images Coming Soon)